Greek music(Zorba)

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    1. I wanted to comment on Zorba’s dance but nothing would come up to let me. I love Zorba’s dance. Over the years all my kids and husband and I have danced mentally to this in our living room. I used it a few months ago in school as part of my class assembly and led the parents and children and staff in our version of it. it was loads of fun.
      I’m now kind of glad that I couldn’t get to comment as I got to see the above dance. and WOW! How she can be so sexy and still in breath all by putting a ribbon round her hips and shimmying! I could hardly keep still. Fantastic video.x

            1. Ok. I can’t even copy the message to send But I can tell you what it says – ish
              I tried to click on ‘an eagle’s easy meal’ and was warned that ‘this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams and frauds’.
              This appears to be an external link. Don’t know what you want to do about it or if the message is genuine but I certainly am not risking it.
              Thought I should warn you in case you’re unaware of this. It could put people off visiting if they see this message. I just won’t visit that page. x

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