PR from Safa to Marwa*

Muslim Runner

Four thousand years ago, Lady Hagar ran back and forth seven times from one mountain to another searching for water.  Fulfilling a command from God, Prophet Abraham had left her with their infant son, Ishmael, in a barren desert with only a jug of water. When the water ran out, baby Ishmael cried and cried, releasing his last bodily fluids down his face. With nothing to offer, Lady Hagar raced to the tallest structure in sight to call for help. She ran to Mount Safa, climbed to the peak, and raised her voice searching for signs of life: a caravan, a fire, or even a bird to bring hope that water could be near. She saw nothing: an empty stretch of sand in the desert glaring back at her with the reflection of a sun that blinds. Desperate, she turned around, down the mountain, across the valley, and up Mount Marwa…

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