If I Had My Life to Live Over…

Soul Gatherings


If I had my life to live over, I would…

  • watch more sunsets
  • not try to be perfect
  • eat more pasta & pizza
  • learn how to play the piano
  • go sailing at least once a month
  • use moisturizer at a younger age
  • take more naps while it rained outside
  • let my hair get messed up by the wind
  • talk to more animals
  • know that I was blessed earlier in life
  • act sillier
  • bake more brownies
  • appreciate my parents more
  • give more hugs
  • listen more and talk less
  • learn how to conduct an orchestra
  • be more flexible
  • lay down in a field of purple flowers
  • travel more
  • read more books to my son
  • color outside the lines
  • listen to more classical music
  • live in a stone cottage by the sea
  • work smarter, not harder
  • make more snow angels
  • be happy with the way I looked
  • hunt the Northern Lights once a…

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