Farmer’s Market Day!

Unchained Emporium

It’s time to shop for fresh fruits, fresh veggies, raw honey, jams & jellies, pickles, baked goods, and more! And when you have what you need from the food vendors, come check out the survival bracelets, paracord buddies, bookmarks, keyrings, small art pieces, beautiful painted glass stones and more from Unchained Emporium. Halloween is coming up and some of my jewelry would make a great addition to certain Halloween costumes. And right on its heels is Christmas. All of Unchained Emporium’s items would make nice stocking stuffers. John and I may be doing demos, too, so you can see how we make some of our things. So come check out all the goodies available at the Eunice Farmer’s Market on 2nd Street from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.!

This is our small table set up for the Farmer's Market. I didn't put out much of my chainmail today. Most of our items were John's paracord items he's been experimenting with. We also had the girls' painted glass stones on our table and my three paintings as I completed them. You can get a better idea of the small size of the paintings in this picture. I took this picture with my cell and edited it in Pixlr Express, an Android app. This is our small table set up for the Farmer’s Market. I didn’t put out much of my chainmail today. Most of…

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