Life’s Greatest Pleasures (2 Macros)

Heaven On Earth

It is the small things
in Life
that bring to you
Life’s Greatest Pleasures.
(Do you see the smile?)

Photography/ “Life’s Greatest Pleasures” 2014©AmyRose

As promised, I now reveal to you the owner of the flower I used in my post, “Bonus Fun Post”. (No matter what I have done, I cannot get the link to work on this theme. Sorry.) Her name is Leanne Cole who most graciously came forward after I told everyone my horror of loosing all my photographs, and who actually gave me some of her own work to use on Petals. Leanne is the first person to offer help to me. I want all of you to know how big of a Heart this woman has, and how deeply grateful I am to her.

To all of you who offered me help, I am totally, irrevocably grateful to you too. These…

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