We need Iphone


If America had closed its doors to Syrians, there’d be no Steve Jobs and you wouldn’t have your iPhone


It’s well known that the biological father of Apple founder Steve Jobs was a migrant from Syria. If Jobs’s father had not been barred from enterring the United States by a proto-Donald Trump, there would have been no Steve Jobs, and thus no Apple, and no iPads, etc. To illustrate this point, the artist Banksy has created a mural in the French town of Calais that depicts Steve Jobs c. 1985 as a migrant. Calais, which is a collection point for migrants attempting to sneak into the UK, is one of the places in France where support for the anti-immigrant Front National has surged in recent months.

The mural is essentially a rebuke to anti-immigrant politicians in France, the UK, the US and other advanced economies who fail to realize that dynamic, young, risk-taking migrants are a net economic asset a great addition to any nation’s gene pool, even if they don’t engage in entrepreneurship themselves. Banksy, who is himself a rather successful entrepreneur appears to grasp what multiple bankrupt Donald Trump fails to understand.

This video illustrates how the advanced economies ought to be handling the Syrian refugee crisis.

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